Friday, May 23, 2008

Plan B for the Weekend

I came home from work today to find poor gunnar down and out with a cold. Don't ask me how he got so miserable and snuffly in just a few short hours. :o( Poor guy.
Anyhow, much to Goose's chagrin, it looks like we will not be making the 4 hour trek over to Baltimore to kick some arse in the Kelly Cup. :o( We may subscribe to the CycleDumb Training plan, but that doesn't mean we're completely stupid. Besides, we have some serious CycleDumb events planned in the next couple of weeks.

Jackie is worried about poor Nars. Get well soon!

Meanwhile, I have some precious moments of extra time on my hands and decided to do something girly. SCARY!

P.S. It's official-- gunnar feels like crap. He doesn't even want to go to the Talbot's party! If you know gunnar, you know he's not one to pass up FREE BEER.

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crs said...

EEAAKKK!!! Bunny what happened to your face? Are you sick too?