Friday, February 29, 2008

Racing Update

The only racing that's been going on here at FiendCentral is sled racing, and maybe a race or two to see who gets the last of the ice cream.
I will give you a race report of our best of three sled races, though.

Run 1: gunnar kicked Bunny in the glasses, ran her off track, and Bunny tore up her sled (not quite enough snow to be sledding on pavement).

Run 2: Bunny hit the tree at the bottom of the run (see photo).

Run 3 (Grand Championship): gunnar hits a large stick shortly after take-off, thereby giving Bunny an insurmountable lead.

Since the grand championship counted double, we tied, with the tiebreaker being total time. Bunny = Grand Weiner since that stick debacle cost gunnar quite a bit of time. teehee. Too bad.

Oi, that's gotta be cold.

Family Portrait: