Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Not Exactly According to the Plan

We kicked off the mt bike season this weekend with WVMBA #2, Challenge at Mountwood in a cold and rainy Parkersburg, WV. gunnar worked like a dog all week trying to get some bikes race-ready for us. He ended up with a 1 x 9, and I ended up with my singlespeed (with a supercool new paint job).
I will start with my race report: 10 expert women showed up! YAY! Hopefully that is a good sign of things to come. Last year the expert women were quite scarce. It was a good race, with some fast girls from OH getting out to an early lead. I reeled them back in, but I never felt very comfortable with my lead, and Amanda ended up only three minutes back- I think we will have some good battles this year! At one point, I hit a small stump and went catapulting over the handlebars. Well, I should say I WOULD have gone over the bars, but my full-speed ahead forward motion was abruptly stopped when a certain body part came into contact with the stem. Use your imagination, but let's just say if I was a man, my voice would be several octaves higher right now. I think I actually started hyperventilating on the side of the trail, and truly whimpered my way to the finish line with a tear in my eye.
I was so relieved to see that finish line and get off that bike, until the finishing line guy asked me where gunnar was. He hadn't come in yet and my heart just sunk--apparently the top 3 guys were accidentally directed to do the prologue loop twice. :o( Poopy Pants. Anyhow, gunnar passed the other two guys, and thus would have won the race, except it didn't count, since he did 7 extra miles!! That definitely stunk, although I think I was more bummed for gunnar than he was.
After the race, Team Bi-Atch had a pity party in the bus, on account of the rain, cold, a certain throbbing body part, a gross festering in the lungs (mine), and a bit of disappointment. However, as you well know, you can't keep the Shogren's down for long, so we'll see you all at WVMBA #3 (Big Bear) on Sunday.
Congrats to Goose on his first place in the SS! We heart Cannondale 29'ers!!