Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Racing Machine!

Oi, I love this bike.

Gunnar putting on the finishing touches with a little help from Bozo, F*kerman's cat.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Lost Child

This post should really go on the DairyDog and Lost Children website, but we don't want to disturb the dD pictures just yet. So, I'll write about it here.
Somebody asked me at the race yesterday if we planned to get another "pet." I said we probably wouldn't turn one away if we happened to find one, but we had no plans to get another one. Well, I guess I should have amended that, because guess what we found today!!?

A PYTHON!!!!!!

Yes, indeed. We found him in the same park that we found the Reese's Extravaganza, just sitting on a rock. After my normal freak-out at the sight of a snake, we looked at him a bit closer and both came to the conclusion that this snake did not look indigenous to West by-God Virginia. He looked more like he belonged in Africa.
So, gunnar scooped him up with a stick and we put him in my lunch bag (yum) and took him to the Exotic Jungle. We marched in and said we found a snake, and you could just see them roll their eyes, like oh great... imagine their surprise (and ours) when the PetShop Boy took one look at him and exclaimed, a Ball Python! Apparently he had just eaten something, too, because he had a big old poochy belly. I guess they are really shy and docile creatures, and make great pets. Unfortunately, if we kept him, we would have to whack rodents on the head to feed him, so he is not the animal for us. I am sure he will find a nice home there with all the other creepy crawlies at the Exotic Jungle.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Trudge Onward We Must

We keep dragging our feet here at fiendCentral.
But we'll be going to the start of the MAC season, fret not.
Just don't expect too much, it's been a tough time.
Really tough.

Racing with dairyDog on our mind-

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Show Must Go On.

I've been outvoted.
In light of the recent demise of 1/3 of our family, my vote was to can the cross season. Call it a wrap and give it a go next year, and spend this season being fat, pasty-white, and agoraphobic.
However, gunnar is right when he says becoming hermits is probably the worst thing we can do, and his vote is to give it a go. Tied, 1-1.
So, WWdDD?
You know as well as I do that she would want us out there racing our little broken hearts out, with her cheering from above. So, I guess despite not having really thought about cross the last couple weeks, we'll see you all at Granogue.
We better practice our scrumming.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

See All the Fun You're Missing

When you leave early?
Well, F*ckerMan didn't take a teammate out this weekend, but he unfortunately took himself out. I saw it from the pit, and it did not look like fun, especially when his hand got run over. In an effort to toughen him up a bit, here's gunnar scrubbing that knee out with a wire brush.

Another example of HillBilly Hygiene!

A typical scene

This is about 4:30 pm at Lilypons.
Where did everybody go? We are nearly always the last to leave.
Most of the time we are at least out of our chamois before everybody leaves, though.

** addendum by gunnar.
We were still waiting for BEER!!!
You promised!!!
And didn't deliver!!!

Pox on you.