Thursday, September 30, 2004

Fergie's got too much race on.

And you didn't think it was possible.
Talked to the blockhead last night, he's either racing to beat all bejesus, or shipping out and recieving crates of gardening tools. He says his hoes are the sharpest!

But his knee is aching from no easy-living rides. Look for the smoke coming out of his ears at a race near you...

So the UCI has plans to change the face of Mountain Bike racing.
Ferg tells me that they are going to allow support and assistance for next years races.
So now there will be mechanics and pit people racing up and down the hills on little mini-bikes or SUV's, just because they can.
We'll just have to see how this floats over here in the States, cause we invented the darn things you know!
I for one, have no problem with riders helping out each other, be they teammates or not-
* At the 1992 24 Hours of Canaan, a young Kevin Simmons gave me a pump at the base of Brown's Mtn at 3am. Had he not, his team would have won and we would have not. But it's what we did back then, or down there, or something.
* In 1991/2/3 or somewhere there abouts, at Park City UT, Joey Irwin gave his teammate John Tomac his wheel after John flatted or broke yet another of those king-crappy Tioga disk wheels. I took note of this as I rode passed them switching everything, young Joey was supposed to be
the next Johnny T. but I think he was too hairy. Later in the day both were disqualified.
* In 1989/90 or sometime, Jan Wiejak was coming in for the win, at the National Champs in Mt. Snow VT, but he did a bike swap right before the finish line (to look good for his sponsors) and was DQed.
So how knows?

I know I'll huck my bike on someone if they get in my way!

Fergie also says that no one cares about the Mountain bike scene at the national and above level.
The publications are only listing 5 places for the races, which means that the same five mutants get all the press and everyone else is chewing on shoelaces trying to get money together for the next race.

But that doesn't matter cause Cross season is upon us and we mere mortals get transformed into Cross-Killing-racing-machines for the rest of the community to worship!
Then it's back to the day joerb.

"I'm tough as dirt, I'm mean as blood.
Where I blow out comes spiders, where I step a weed dies.
No smokes with diapers for Pete, King of All Detectives
Fall down on your knees, fall down and worship King Dick."

and what 'cha gonna do about it R y an?

My New Racing Technique is Nearly Unstoppable!



Training is for those that don't race enough.

Those that train often and with too much attention to detail will soon witness the power of my nearly unstoppable racing technique!
They will go home with their hands down to the knees.
Such is the power!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Time to move y'all!

Especially me.

Spending all night fiddling w/ computers when I should be tightening spikes and sharpening pedals.

Now out of my way, and check out my backside!