Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Lost Child

This post should really go on the DairyDog and Lost Children website, but we don't want to disturb the dD pictures just yet. So, I'll write about it here.
Somebody asked me at the race yesterday if we planned to get another "pet." I said we probably wouldn't turn one away if we happened to find one, but we had no plans to get another one. Well, I guess I should have amended that, because guess what we found today!!?

A PYTHON!!!!!!

Yes, indeed. We found him in the same park that we found the Reese's Extravaganza, just sitting on a rock. After my normal freak-out at the sight of a snake, we looked at him a bit closer and both came to the conclusion that this snake did not look indigenous to West by-God Virginia. He looked more like he belonged in Africa.
So, gunnar scooped him up with a stick and we put him in my lunch bag (yum) and took him to the Exotic Jungle. We marched in and said we found a snake, and you could just see them roll their eyes, like oh great... imagine their surprise (and ours) when the PetShop Boy took one look at him and exclaimed, a Ball Python! Apparently he had just eaten something, too, because he had a big old poochy belly. I guess they are really shy and docile creatures, and make great pets. Unfortunately, if we kept him, we would have to whack rodents on the head to feed him, so he is not the animal for us. I am sure he will find a nice home there with all the other creepy crawlies at the Exotic Jungle.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

I love you both, as I love dD, but I H8! snakes. Glad you are not keeping that one as a pet!

We had a cluster of baby bunnies born in the yard this summer. Some nasty old black snake climbed into the hole and feasted upon one of the babies. Had it in his mounth sleeping when I came up on him, resting so he could finish eating him and this three siblings. He was removed from the hole promptly, with his tough leathery skin and slimy tounge.

Hate those snakes!

It has been over five months and we are not rushing to get another dog. We have a cat and Isabella loves him dearly, although he really does not want too much to do with her - - being he is a cat and cats are like that. The day will come when she will want a dog of her own (as she loves to see dogs now) and then we will go to the SPCA or Humane Society and rescue one, but that will not be for a few years I suspect. Even at this point, we would compare the new dog to Missy and always expect the new one to be as good as Missy was. And that would not be fair to the new dog at all.

Why I am writing all of this in a blog? Should have sent email instead . . . .


gunn4r said...

Why not?

That's why James.