Friday, August 17, 2007

Tales From the Bog

That's what the story is in this month's National Geographic.
And when I saw it I thought of Canaan Valley, WV.

The magazine and web article are talking about the bodies and what-not that are being found in some Irish Peat Bogs from way back when.
The bogs I'm thinking about are a bit closer to home and not so way back, and though there may be some bodies left over from the spectators during the last few Blackwater 100s, mostly the bogs contain some really interesting riding and probably more then a few pair of cycling shoes.

Besides the Moon Rocks and Plantation Trail, the Bogs are probably the most memorable feature of doing any riding or racing in the Canann Valley region.
Lots of stories about folks thinking they had the good line only to see someone else 30 yards away riding the bike while they themselves get "bogged" down. Yet again.
Or racing at the Original 24 Hours of Canaan, *seeing* the lights out there, wondering if they or you have the better line, and waiting to see who's lights go arching across the sky right as the rider falls knee deep into the bog.

The Bogs sure are a mean kind of fun.

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Raymond said...

I spent 20 minutes trying to extricate a shoe from the bog during my first night lap on the 2nd Canaan, thanks for reminding me of the fun!